Say Hello to Raffle River!

We’re happy to announce that Raffle Tracker, which has been available since 2009, is relaunching this month as Raffle River.

New Home Page

First, let me reassure all existing customers that your data is safe, and will be accessible from the new site. It will take on a new look, but you’ll be able to manage any raffles currently in progress without missing a beat, and can continue to access historical data for any raffles you’ve run in the past.

So why the change?

Here at Raffle River, we felt it was important to more closely tie together the brands of all of our products and services for Ticket Printing, Events, and Raffles in a way that reinforces what we have to offer you across the board.

In Raffle River, you’ll immediately gain an exciting new ability by which you offer raffle tickets directly online. Buyers can now get their raffle tickets from you from their own PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. We’re also providing more ways for you to promote your raffles to those buyers through blogs and social media. You’ll also see more support for your raffle managers and ticket sellers across the full range of PC and mobile devices, making Raffle River more convenient for you, and ready for you to use however and whenever you need it.

And that’s just the start. In the coming months, we’ll keep adding features and options to Raffle River, including some premium services for those of you who want them. We’ll also continue to listen to your feedback to improve the service in the ways you feel are most important.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you like the changes.

Lance Trebesch
CEO and Lead Raffler